Trip to Dorset

I make a trip to Dorset for my car's MOT and to see the family.

The fun begins on Thursday when I meet my brother for a drink after work in Guildford, where a little research and a couple of good finds allows us a pub crawl of some nice pubs that the town has to offer.

With the Friday off for the journey to Dorset, it is unfortunately delayed at Stonehenge by visitors gathering for the summer solstice.

In the morning I drive to the nearby garage for the car's annual check-up. Emissions test is fine, despite or as a result of a whole in the exhaust, but sadly fails it's MOT due to a faulty horn.

Sunday we get an invite from Guy to the farm. As we arrive we are given the grand tour of the new pad and offered drinks. Home grown lamb with salad is on the menu, with apparently lots more in the freezer. After dinner we all make our way down to the lower field that Rob has carved out for his pigs, followed by a tour of the grounds. Piggy, piggy, piggy...!

The following weekend I return to Dorset travelling late to avoid traffic due to the Glastonbury Festival. Another early Saturday morning finds me back in the garage where the problem with the horn is tracked down and fixed whereby the MOT is obtained.


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