Trip to Dorset

I make a trip to Dorset for my car's MOT and to see the family.

The trip begins the night before when I drive to Dorset, only to discover the A303 closed from the M3, forcing me to take a massive detour to Andover before joining the A303 and continuing my journey.

In the morning I drive to the nearby garage for the car's annual MOT. The mechanic is amused whilst reading the previous years MOT certificate by the thoroughness of the advisory section. After a shaky start to the emissions test and "I can't find any holes in it", my miracle car has once again passed, with a single item in the advisory section - my front bumper happy I later receive an unexpected phone call as one of the mechanics lost his wallet, which I find beside the drivers seat - I soon reunite it with its owner who was concerned I was already on my way back to Reading.

Saturday is sport day, with Wimbledon tennis on the TV in the afternoon and an exciting Brazil vs Chilie world cup football match in the evening.

Sunday is family day, with an invite from Guy to the farm. As the guests arrive we are supplied with red wine or cider. Following a little prompting from Guy, Rob fetches his new toy - a black semi-automatic military style weapon firing x10 .22 rounds, both dad and I take a turn. Rob gives me a tour of the grounds before we all sit down for a roast al fresco dinner. After dinner Dani uses her new vacuum cleaner to clean Rob's home before I'm allowed in.


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