Doctor Who's 50th anniversary

A few of us boys go to watch Doctor Who at the cinema in 3D.

The event begins the night before with booking tickets online with the cinema.

The next day my brother drives us to Yeovil nice and early to ensure good seats due to non allocated seating and a thought of food. On route our conversations inevitably turn to memories of Doctor Who and favourite Doctors.

Upon arrival we pick up our tickets at the door and check timings before popping into the nearby Frankie & Benny's for a full English breakfast and coffee.

Back at the cinema we are shown to our screen by a guy specially dressed for the occasion. We choose our seats, which already causes disagreement and settle in. The movie doesn't disappoint on the big screen in 3D with a storyline harking back to the time war with the Daleks and the origins of the Doctor played by John Hurt, including the current and previous Doctors with a special guest appearance from Tom Baker.

After the movie I meet our usher Tom, a Doctor Who super fan that has watched every episode in chronological order for the past 10 months, met every doctor and subsequently interviewed by the BBC.


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