Ken's funeral

The family gather at Zeals and Marnhull for uncle Ken's funeral.

The day begins with everyone dressing up in their "best bib and tucker" while I have a minor wardrobe issue with my shirt just as my brother arrives.

Dad drives us to Saint Martins church in Zeals for the service. Once there we are greeted by Ken's children Dian and Ian, before being flanked by a military parade with banners to the church door. With a high attendance, we are ushered to the front. The service goes without a hitch, including anecdotes from Ken's life and music from a brass band, which I later realise is lead by Dian, who also holds it together to play the Last Post by the grave side.

We return home to drop off my brother, who passes on his regards, before driving to Marnhull for the Wake. Following a polite coffee offered at the door, I find my way to the bar for a pint of Doom Bar where I chat to Dian's other half. Publicly apologising for the circumstances, Dian produces a birthday cake for Philip's 65th accompanied by song. Dian then introduces me to our various cousins that I hadn't seen for years including an uncle and his family that I'd never met.

As the mourners disperse, we arrange to meet Dian at The Kings Arms in East Stour, where Doom Bar is again on tap (where we discover it's Cornish rather than Scottish) and beef wellington is on the menu.

I've got some white shirts to return...


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