Parents in Reading

My parents come to Reading for a visit and a pub lunch.

Since their previous visit in March, may parents have expressed the intention to return for the lamb shank served at the same pub.

As soon as they arrive I waste no time in fixing them up with a visitor parking permit - a ticket was issued a few years previously. Once settled, we have a chat over coffee in the kitchen.

We jump in to my parent’s new car, which allows me to drink. Again giving directions from the back seat through Reading, across Caversham Bridge to the Griffin pub, whose rear garden and car park backs on to the river Thames with swans sat on the river bank.

I pick our table, this time choosing more comfortable seats at the front of the pub. Dad and I go to the bar for drinks before we settle and browse the menu. With memories of our previous meal, the lamb shank is no longer on the menu, so we all order the grilled lamb on a bed of rocket and sun dried tomatoes with balsamic vinegar. After a short rest we look to the desert menu and all choose the fruit crumble, followed by tea and another beer for me.

The visit concludes when mum and dad drop me off home before driving back to Dorset.


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