An official summer heatwave gets Bobet and I to the park.

It's official, it's the hottest day of the year with 32.2°C (89.9°F) recorded at Hampton in south-west London, prompting the Met Office to announce a "level three" heatwave alert for parts of the south of England.

The warm weather prompts Bobet and I to get out our racquets, that we'd purchased the previous year but hadn't had the opportunity to use, and take a walk in our shorts & flip flops to nearby Regents Park for a game of badminton. The two hour knock about, with a half time break for photos, sees us going in circles due to the wind and our amateur nature.

This minor flurry of exercise gives us the excuse to eat an Almond Magnum ice cream on our return home, as though we'd earned it.


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