Fireworks at Southwark Park

Bobet and I go to watch a fireworks display on Guy Fawkes Night.

After scouring the internet to find a suitable fireworks display on Monday and within easy reach, we begin by taking the Jubilee line to Canada Water and then a short walk to find Southwark Park - we see a poster advertising the event but no directions, so we ask just to be sure.

Once there, we queue at the park gates and from the earlier poster we realise that we're actually early - gates open at 6:00, display starts at 7:00. A quick security check at the gates gets us walking through the fallen autumn leaves under the trees in the park.

We walk through the park and head for the food stalls to warm up. A short queue rewards us with a hotdog each, which we woof down. A much longer wait catches us at the head of the queue for coffee just as the display begins - typical.

We don't move far as the display unfolds with the new Bond movie soundtrack "Skyfall" playing over the audio system as we get our cappuccinos. We're treated to a fantastic 20 minute display of tree top level swirling fireworks as well as colourful big bang explosions - one even had a smiling face in it.

When the display finishes, we walk back through the park with our drinks, stopping at a stall selling bunny ears with flashing lights. We walk on, to the children's ride, a bouncy slide with Pete's dragon on it and a man selling candy floss.

We warm up in a nearby Tesco before heading home with our shopping.

This beats Saturday night's attempt to watch a fireworks display at Blackheath, where we arrive at 8:23 and are meet by 100,000 people trying to leave the event. While waiting for the crowd to pass, we warm up in Starbucks and queue for nearly an hour for coffee and then the toilet, before walking to the park to take advantage of the funfair. We walk up to the bumper car ride, just as they close, swiftly followed by all the other rides and stalls. At least we didn't miss our train home.


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