Day out in London, Part II

Bobet and I walk around central London as the Olympics come to a close.

After our day out in central London the week before, we realised that one of the must see locations in London during the Olympics is Tower Bridge with the Olympic rings - an iconic image.

We begin by taking the tube to London Bridge, walking through Hay's Galleria where we stop for coffee and a look at the water feature. As we walk out to the Thames to finish our coffee we see HMS Belfast directly in front of us and our first glimpse of Tower Bridge. We continue to walk along the Thames, past City Hall and Potters Fields Park to Tower Bridge.

At this point we decide to keep walking into Butlers Wharf to find something to eat for dinner before walking back to Tower Bridge and take the lift up to street level where we walk across the Bridge and the Thames taking in the views of Butlers Wharf and St Katherine's Pier.

On the other side we take the stairs down to river bank level, where we walk past the Tower of London. Due to the position of the sun, it’s here we get the best photos of us with the bridge in the background. With mission complete, we find Tower Hill tube station and head for home.


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