Jazz at the Traf

Bobet and I go to a South Wimbledon pub to see a live jazz band.

Following an invitation from Peter a couple of nights before, Bobet and I take the tube across town to South Wimbledon, where we grab a really quick chicken burger each, before finding the Trafalgar free house, awarded South West London CAMRA Pub of the Year.

Once there, we are warmly welcomed by James behind the bar, who I hadn't seen since Peter's stag weekend and wedding. We're then met by Peter who settles us down for the main attraction.

Monica Acevedo - Gypsy Jazz with Monica on vocals and violin with the brilliant Diego Parada on guitar and new member Jason on double base. Monica encouraged audience participation "Ba-da-da-da-da..." and the gig was a great success. I take photos, Bobet takes videos which she plays as soon as we get home, and Peter has apparently already worn out the CD winking

We're joined by Jo and a guest appearance by Simon, again not seen since the stag weekend and wedding. The four of us finish our drinks with James and the landlord, before heading home with a sizzling chicken burger meal each.


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