Great British Beer Festival

I join a few of the regulars for 2 nights at Britain's biggest pub.

This year the venue has returned to Olympia, due to the Olympics 2012 Volleyball at Earls Court. Everyone seems to agree that they prefer Olympia to Earls Court as it has more character.

On Wednesday I get to Earls Court tube and get the venue change confirmed and advised to go to South Kensington and walk the rest of the way. I get there around 6:00 which meant no queue. Once inside, after collecting the evening’s pint glass and my first drink, it's time to try and find Peter and later Jo. I have a free pint from a couple of girls from Canada after returning a lost wallet. We also strike up a conversation with a couple of guys from Brazil.

Thursday I meet my brother at Bond Street and get off the tube at Holland Park for a pleasant walk to Olympia. We get there around 6:00 which results in a short queue. Before we even collect our pint glass we bump into Steve and later Guy.

Unlike last year's poor Chesil from the Dorset Brewing Company, this year's Yachtsman was very good. Poor beers this year were the fruit based beers such as raspberry or strawberry. An unlucky round of champion beers all looked and tasted the same. However, an earlier Conqueror Black IPA from Windsor & Eton brewery, which was described to me by the barman as an abomination, tasted remarkably good.


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