Richard's 40th birthday

Bobet and I join Richard and his friends in Frimley to celebrate his birthday.

I meet Bobet in Reading straight off the train from London. We then buy a card and gift for the birthday boy, before hearing mass at a local church.

After a rainy drive to Frimley we find the church hall for the event. We walk in to see all the tables and chairs decked out with large flower arrangements for each table. As we begin to meet people, we see the theme for the evening: girls in blue, boys in pink. Food and drinks are laid on, with the now familiar Filipino buffet of rice and/or noodles with pork, beef, chicken curry and/or king prawns followed by a selection of deserts.

Richard gets up on stage to receive 40 birthday blessings from the guests. 20 girls with a candle each wish him a happy birthday. Following a half time interval, Richard appears in a ball gown "for one night only" to receive a red rose from each of the 20 boy well wishers, culminating in a bouquet of red roses from his boyfriend who unexpectedly pops the question.

The night finishes with people on the dance floor and lots of people either posing or taking photos.


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