Day trip to Hayling Island

The family meet for a day out and a pub lunch near Portsmouth.

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We all meet in the beer garden of The Royal Oak, a pub overlooking the bay at high tide. The pub had an extraordinary amount of dog owners making the place feel like Crufts. After a late lunch of steak & chips, apple pie & custard, a couple of drinks and a chat, the kids become restless.

Following the kids requests of a beach, we head to the south of the island, park up near the life boats, where the tide has gone out to reveal a sandy strip of beach. The kids get to work building sand castles, while the blokes go for a walk along the shore taking their cameras with them.

As the weather turns cold we head back to The Ship for a drink and some crisps. We then go for a stroll along the bay now that the tide was out, where Jimbo practices his stone throwing against an old tin can.

After saying are fond farewells, we all head for home.


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  1. A very interesting day.