Notting Hill Carnival

Bobet and I join in at Europe's biggest carnival in London.

The party begins for us in the afternoon, as we head by tube to Notting Hill - along with hundreds of others. When there, we ask a police man what and where to go next - he directs us to the street procession route, from there we just follow the music.

The procession was typically filled with numerous and varied colourful costumes and dancers following the carnival floats, which house the booming sound systems. On a couple occasions we were treated to the sound of a traditional steel band in its full glory.

Traditional Caribbean food included Jerk Chicken, Curried Goat (beef), and hotdogs - served from a mixture of stalls and front yards. Cold drinks were available from various stoops along the way.

The event was pretty incident free - although at one point whilst eating, people did sprint past us in the wrong direction sad As the day drew to a close the streets began to resemble a war zone, with the amount of litter left behind - to be expected for such a popular event.


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