Ferrari store

Bobet and I pay a visit to the new Ferrari store in London.

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I take a day trip to London and spend the morning and a lunchtime drink with Barry, an old work college, discussing past and present projects.

Later, I meet Bobet and we head towards Regents Street. First we find an open air market, before finding a pub on Carnaby Street for pie & mash. Next we take a stroll around Hamleys toy store for horse rides and dinosaur attacks. We then hit some clothes stores before the Ferrari Store.

As you walk in, the new Ferrari Store (opened just two months ago) has a 2005 Formula 1 car on display with a small crowd of people taking pictures. I was told off twice like a naughty school boy for standing in the wrong place while trying to take a picture. I was later again told off for taking a picture of £2,700 model FXX – you can buy it but not photograph it first?

Thank you Bobet for my birthday present, a radio controlled 1:24 scale Ferrari FXX in red. Broom-broom!


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  1. No worries, glad you like it happy you now just need a fairy to touch her magic wand to your toy car and turn it to a real one...a wish come true happy