Microsoft exam

I study hard and take my first professional Microsoft examination.

After a request at work to increase the number of Microsoft professionals within the organisation, I volunteer to take a Microsoft qualification. The firm offer to help in my endeavour, which translates into refunding me the cost of a book that I purchase to aid in my study and the cost of the exam.

The subject I choose is a technology that I use everyday at work, Visual Basic. I then choose the potentially easier Visual Basic 6.0 Desktop, rather than Visual Basic 6.0 Distributed, maybe later.

After a little research I book myself in to a local Microsoft approved examination centre and arrive on the day to take a 30 minute automated multiple choice examination. Not all the questions are difficult, but some are worded to throw the casual reader, so I read carefully.

The results are immediately available and I'm informed that I pass with over a 90% grade. This qualifies me to now call myself a Microsoft Certified Professional.


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