A group of us head to Kartworld in Andover for a work's social.

The evening begins with a drive to Andover where we park up outside and industrial building just off the A303. We walk inside to find an indoor karting track laid out before us with a pit lane full of karts just waiting for us.

After a short briefing we suit up, grab our helmets and wait our turn to jump in a kart. As I drive my kart around the small tight circuit the adrenaline begins to kick in and after a while I begin to hold my own while having great fun sliding the car through the corners. I clearly wasn't going to be the fastest of the evening but managed to put in a respectable fastest lap time of 0:18.66, with the track record at 0:16.32.

Although the track record wasn't broken, top prise for the evening for trickery and style has to go to Paul who somehow manages to overturn his kart, bail out and watch it as it catches fire. The people who work there say they've never seen anything like it.


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